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Building kernel modules from sources

IPFIRE kernel modules need to be built from sources.
After extracting compressed folder, place yourself inside kernel directory, which contains kernel firewall modules. Then impart the command:


This command builds interface with default options, i.e. with rule naming enabled. If rule naming is enabled in interface compiling, it has to be enable also when building kernel modules. This is achieved by compiling interface with the same make command. (See previous chapter for user interface building details).
The reason why you would disable rule naming is to decrease rule and kernel state and translation tables sizes by 20 bytres (the maximum length for rule names defined in constant RULENAMELEN in source headers). You can disable this feature typing


as building command.

NOTE: If user interface is built without rule name support and kernel modules are built within, firewall interface will refuse to start giving an explaining message.

Installing kernel modules into running kernel

After building modules, you can install them giving:
make install .

This copies just built modules into the right place and executes depmod -ae automatically. Then modules are ready to be loaded!

NOTE: the sources have been built and tested with 2.6.x kernel series, and in particular with version They have been compiled also in some other versions of 2.6 kernel, anyway greater or equal than 2.6.9.

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