IqFire-wall is a new graphical user interface based on the ipfire-wall framework.

It takes advantage of the qt core and GUI libraries, version 4, and the base libraries of the new kde 4 desktop environment. These components represent up to date and powerful technologies for the developer who wants to design a graphical user interface in a Linux environment. In fact the name iqfirewall refers to the employment of the Qt framework, and, at the same time, the q following the p letter in the alphabet, represents a successor of the command line interface ipfire-wall.

The iqfire-wall network firewall provides the user the following features:

Technically speaking, iqfire-wall provides the same features as ipfire-wall:

Read the ipfire-wall documentation for more details about the firewall features and the implementation details.

Try iqfire-wall and discover a new way to understand and configure the internetworking of your linux machine, while enjoying the innovative human-computer interaction provided by the user interface.

IqFIRE-wall is (c) 2008 Giacomo Strangolino and comes with the GPL license.

IqFIRE-wall is mainly intended as an educational software and provides no warranty in any environment, especially in server contexts.