IqFIRE-wall installation

Pre-install considerations: what is a firewall, what is ipfire-wall?

Installing a firewall into a computer means adding a level of protection to your machine connected to the Internet, blocking undesired traffic and refusing connections towards and from malicious attackers over the network. A firewall establishes a set of rules to allow or block internet communications, depending on the administrator's policies. Normally, in a Linux system, a firewall is configured by the root user through command line interfaces or graphical tools, provided by many software applications. If you are interested in learning the official linux firewalling framework, then you should have a look at the netfilter/iptables infrastructure, or read a short presentation of the Netfilter/iptables architecture (in italian).

Installing ipfire-wall means to have a simple firewall at your disposal, with a simple user interface, allowing also a normal (not only the administrator) user to insert his policies and to personalize the software appearence and behaviour. Moreover, ipfire-wall/iqfire-wall is a good educational and instructive tool for non expert users who want to learn Linux and in particular its networking framework and implementation. The Infrastructure and Peculiarities paragraph in the ipfire-wall introduction page might be interesting to describe the particularities of the software architecture.

Installing ipfire-wall into your system

The ubuntu specific installation files are now available on the web site!

IqFIRE-wall needs some packages and libraries to work correctly. If you have ubuntu, kubuntu or debian linux installed then you can directly read the

Otherwise, go on reading the generic instructions, which will discuss the dependencies needed to satisfy the needs of iqfire-wall installation and execution.

The Ubuntu or Kubuntu 8.04 installation instructions represent the easiest way to install iqfire-wall, and it is the recommended choice for the owners of the 8.04 version of ubuntu (or kubuntu).

The generic instructions apply to all linux distributions, and they explain how to build ipfire-wall from the software sources, and they are addressed to users having other linux distributions than ubuntu/kubuntu, version 8.04, or curious/expert people.

Generic instructions and requirements for iqfire-wall installation

iqfire-wall is (C) Giacomo Strangolino and is subject to the GPL licence.