The natural language

Right navigation panel widget

Interactive help and info (ihi) panels

Right help and info panel widgets

Activating the i and/or ? buttons in the toolbar it is possible to visualize information and help messages which provide hints contextual to the widget the mouse is over. For instance, placing the mouse pointer over a line edit that accepts an internet address, will produce on the panels a useful piece of information to help the user filling in the address. Another example is the rule summary which appears on the information widget (see the picture above) when the mouse is over a rule in the iqfire-wall's rule tree widget.

The info and help widgets present html text with hyperlinks fully integrated in the whole user interface. The links can point to manual pages and to any other associated action, such as opening a dialog to add a rule or resolve an internet address or a port number.

Popup for packets without a rule

Waiting for auth popup