How to provide help to IQFIRE-wall users and software

Contributing to software improvements and documentation

Post messages in the ipfire-wall project forums

If you want to help other people using the software, check periodically on the ipfire-wall project forums to look for messages by people asking help about iqfire-wall installation or usage, and post an answer. Follow the instructions in the Getting Help page if you want to visit and post on the forums.

Improve interactive help and info system

IQFIRE-wall embeds in its widgets an information and help system which is made up of a series of html files that are read and displayed on special widgets on a panel on the right of the main window. Those files reside by default in the installation directories of the software, which are

/usr/share/iqfire/doc/help/ and

respectively for the informational widget, the help widget and the manual window.

Anyone can modify and improve the information contained in those html pages.
Moreover, at the moment of the publication of these documentation web pages, and the publication of iqfire-wall, many of the widgets making part of the software lack of the corresponding html help and info pages.

For this, anyone is welcome to update and improve the contents of the existing help files and to edit new ones for the widgets without an associated html page.
Using iqfire-wall, you will soon figure out what are the elements of the user interface which do not have a help associated: the info and help widgets print a message like
This info document still has to be edited.
when the corresponding html pages are not complete.

Improve the embedded manual system

Just as the interactive help and info system, also the manual embedded in iqfire-wall will need some more pages to reach a good level of completeness...

Submit new material to the iqfire-wall application

If you like to propose your improvements to one of the above mentioned parts of the software, or, generally, to the whole software, please post a message on the ipfire-wall project forums, possibly indicating as title
Improve material
and describing in text box a summary of what your work is about. Follow the instructions in the Getting Help page if you want to visit and post on the forums.

At the same time, you will have to send an email to the author, with a compressed archive as attachment containing the documents you wrote. After your work has been approved, you will be contacted and if it is good, it will be included in the next release.

Should you like to become a software developer, exploring the world of Qt, linux networking and C/C++ programming, contact the author mentioned above providing information about yourself.